Sick Child

Same Day Sick Child Appointments

Having a sick child can be worrisome and stressful. We understand the urgency parents feel to help their sick child feel better as quickly as possible. You might also be wondering if your child needs to be seen at the office or if this is something you can treat at home.

If your child is sick or has sustained an injury and you need medical advice, a pediatric registered nurse will answer your questions and offer care recommendations over the phone, including making a same day office appointment for your child if needed. Typically you will be scheduled with your child’s primary pediatrician.

If you know you need an urgent, same day appointment, please call us early in the day at (503) 635-3743 to ensure your child is seen in a timely manner, saving you a trip to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care Center.

After Hours Sick Child Care

It is one of our priorities to offer weekday evening appointments as well as 9am-Noon appointments on Saturdays, Sundays, and most holidays. Our on -call pediatrician will answer calls for urgent needs until the late evening. Outside of these extended hours, the Pediatric Advice Line through Randall Children’s Hospital will be at your service to answer your questions when you call our office number and can contact the pediatrician on-call, if needed.